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Internet Connectivity Issues


A church in Sheppey was facing two major issues with its audio-visual equipment and internet connectivity. Despite having monitors installed in the church that ran to the HiFi system with speakers and microphones, the wifi signal was spotty, and there was no internet connectivity. This posed a problem during the COVID-19 pandemic as the churches needed to live stream their services to homes and crematoriums.


The internet signal was patchy, and the microphones and sound system were not working properly, making it difficult to communicate with the congregants. Additionally, the infrastructure of the churches was outdated. With a 12-year-old router that had stopped working, and cables that had been chewed through, the church needed professional help. Unfortunately, pests and rodents are a common issue in churches and other charities, as they don’t have surplus money to invest in their infrastructure.


The team conducted a thorough investigation to identify the root cause of the internet connectivity issues that had been hindering productivity. In addition to this, they also carried out a comprehensive investigation into the sound system and microphones to figure out why they were not functioning as expected.


The team understood that with the little budget they had, the churches needed a cost-effective solution to their problem. IT Manager recommended the use of inexpensive equipment that would benefit the churches without costing them a fortune. The team emphasised that their recommendation was based on best practice and that their main goal was always to serve the best interests of their clients.


The team at IT Manager discussed the issues the church was facing, as well as the best solutions for solving them. The team’s knowledge base helped them provide recommendations that were tailored to the needs of the church. The team emphasised that their focus is always on providing the best service, and they would love to help more churches and charities in the future.

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