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Is That Microsoft Email Genuine, or a Clever Phishing Attack? 

You may consider your email inbox a safe space, but what if the very tech giant you trust is being imitated by cybercriminals? It could be a recipe for disaster. 

Microsoft, synonymous with reliability, has surprisingly become the most imitated brand for phishing attacks. Yes, that means that email from “Microsoft” might not be what it seems. 

Microsoft Takes the Lead – In a Worrying Trend 

In the second quarter of 2023, Microsoft clinched the dubious top spot among brands most imitated by criminals, accounting for an alarming 29% of all brand phishing attempts. They surpassed Google (19.5%) and Apple (5.2%), making the trio responsible for over half of all fake brand attacks. 

But what does this cyber onslaught mean for you and your business? 

Danger in Disguise 

Cybercriminals are getting craftier. They mimic authentic logos, fonts, and colours. They craft URLs that bear an uncanny resemblance to the real deal. But a closer inspection will often reveal those tell-tale signs: typos and mistakes. 

One particularly sinister attack reports unusual Microsoft account sign-in activity, luring you into clicking a malicious link to steal everything from your login credentials to payment details. 

Beyond Tech: Other Targets 

And while tech giants like Microsoft continue to be popular targets, criminals are diversifying. Financial services, online banking, gift cards, and even online shopping orders are now under siege. Wells Fargo and Amazon have joined the top five, representing 4.2% and 4% of brand phishing attempts in Q2 2023. 

How Can You Shield Yourself? 

Here’s the good news: You’re not defenceless. The key to protection lies in vigilance. Slow down, observe, analyse. Scrutinize URLs, domains, and the content of suspicious messages. 

Dive into Our Tuesday Tech Update Video 

Want to transform this knowledge into actionable insights? Below is our Tuesday Tech Update, where we discuss this issue. Click play to dive in and enjoy. 

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