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Recognising the Most Common Phishing Scams 

Ensuring the security of your business data begins with one crucial step: being aware of phishing emails. 

Have you ever received an email that seemed legitimate but turned out to be a trap? That’s what a phishing email is. These tricky messages look real and can fool you into clicking on dangerous links, downloading harmful files, or giving away personal information, like passwords and credit card numbers. So, it’s important to be careful and always double-check before responding to any suspicious emails. 

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Remember, knowledge is power; in this case, it’s the key to your defence. To help, let’s explore the most common phishing emails from the last 12 months. 

Major Themes 

  • Finance-Related Scams: Accounting for over half of phishing attacks, these emails might ask you to view an invoice or make a payment, tempting you to reveal financial details. 
  • Urgency-Based Notifications: Making up 35% of phishing efforts, these messages create a false sense of urgency, such as a password about to expire, forcing you to act quickly and without thinking. 

Moderate Themes 

  • Document and Voicemail Deceptions: These scams, still represent a significant portion of phishing attacks, disguise themselves as documents or voicemails, luring you into compromising your security. 

Minor Themes 

  • Although not as frequent, other phishing scams related to benefits, taxes, job offers, and property also pose risks. Being aware of these less common tactics is still important. 

The Risks of Phishing 

So why should you worry about phishing?

The stakes are high. Falling for these scams can lead to financial losses, data breaches, and long-lasting damage to your company’s reputation. Educating your employees on the risks and signs of phishing is essential. 

Your Best Defence 

Awareness and vigilance form the backbone of effective defence against phishing. You can protect your company’s valuable assets from these cyber threats by staying informed, training your staff, and employing robust security practices. 

We’re here to help businesses like yours stay secure. If you need help protecting yourself against phishing scams, let’s talk. 

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