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IT Procurement & Support

A tech company based in Ipswich, had its in-house IT team handling day-to-day IT support. And the company had brought in external IT support to run a project to refurbish their offices, as they needed a large number of monitors, docking stations, keyboards, and mice.


However, the company employed did not have the necessary contacts to purchase the required equipment at a decent price or in the desired quantity. They needed 40 monitors with dual-screen set-ups and required a reliable and cost-effective solution.


So the incredible IT support team from IT Manager handled procurement and on-site installations. Ensuring that the refurbishment project went smoothly. The team then procured the required equipment and successfully installed 40 dual-screen monitors.

Three months later, the team were asked to complete the refurbishment of the other half of the office.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the team also handled the procurement and installation of webcams and headsets, after a partner they had pre-purchased with did not supply them. The company’s in-house IT team did not have the same expertise, knowledge, technical skills, or free time to handle these additional tasks, so the IT Manager support team provided additional IT support.

The IT Manager support team made it clear that their goal was to provide additional assistance to the company’s in-house IT team and not replace them.


By streamlining the procurement and installation process, the IT Manager support team enabled the tech company to concentrate on its core business operations while knowing that their IT requirements were being taken care of by a reliable and experienced team.

The team’s commitment to providing a cost-effective solution and assisting the in-house IT team was crucial to the project’s success and played a significant role in ensuring the company’s continued growth and prosperity.

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